Thursday, December 26, 2013

the veil lifts momentarily

the veil lifts momentarily, light ascends with the winds whipping the fog like clouds through the stream of air around the mountain, shielding the sun that shines full moon like through the rushing train of clouds in the sky. the air is chill with moisture and I am soaked in sweat, even stopping to catch my breath is a universe of improbabilities, freezing in the overheated flesh, soaked in sweat that is both hot and cold, I experience the unlikeliest feeling of disconnection and illusion, this is not my body and I am not a passenger on this journey. somewhere the engine runs and the hand upon the tiller is neither real nor mine, yet there is no doubt I am running the projector but the screen and the film are from some ancient archive and seated below are every one of me, each imagining that this movie is my life and each certain that the individual is the only one. barriers of space and time compete to separate each experience, produce thoughts of singular nature and disconnection, yet only one screen reflects and one projector plays, but for each there is no other and alone the world shrinks to a pinpoint of existence that has no foundation. in this unmerciful configuration, I exist, alone, distant from everything else, yet even as I stand on the rock in the wind on the mountain, I become the sky and the sun and the whipping winds surrounding everything. where am I, perhaps is a better question, for the who is too mysterious to separate from this flesh and bone of desires. life lust impatience, I give it away to know, to drop this moment in time into the well of existence and unexamine what is happening. not knowing is the only truth, for these lies of self and nonsense of no self dismember and disembowel the sanity of life. one creature alone has no place yet exists without time, without knowing, just being. but everyone is that loneliness that unseparated self, the silence that sound cannot penetrate. sitting in an agony of penetrating force, there is no comfort from what is called the spiritual existence, for as the truth descends the self is destroyed in increments, each a cutting a peeling an excision and a revision, until the idea that anything remains is lost and what is the truth becomes a shambles of disconnected pieces crumbling. to not know is divine and to just be the truth. there is no teaching the path, no guide for the journey to nowhere. become one and listen to the mountain, it rocks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

try to capture the sun

try to capture the sun, the source, to shine eternally alone in space, bringing life and all its miracles into being, yet never to be that but to sacrifice an eternity to giving, this solar system, this tiny parsec of space, one lives as an outpost, behind barricaded walls and guarding the prize that has no value but is desired above all, the self, the tiny creation of birth, the thing so fragile it only exists in the illusion of the mind and disappears each night when sleep overtakes the soul. always watchful protecting all it is and all it wants, and thinking this is mine and mine alone, as if some dream can possess you after waking. the sweetness of life is its brevity, its eternal change, the lightness of its joys and the density of its destructions. I cast my hopes into the waters of the flowing river and they are gone, the childish thoughts of younger days for that is long past, I see now the oceanic truth that once begun this voyage has no end. we few gathered on the deck of the ark of truth, sailing the ocean of love, casting only our own lives into the endless waves, there is no destination, only the waters and the shoreline so far distant, each an island and each the whole world round clamoring for time, more time, to have more do more more and more. the last refugees board the good ship surrender, each deposits whatever they have on the shore before boarding, and climb aboard alone and naked. there is nothing on the ship, no lights, no music, no books no food, and no place to go. the waves push the hull and the wind guides the sails, and every shore is a foreign destination, a carnival of passion and pleasure, but there is no port called home. this is the voyager of the spirit, apart from the world yet always in it, experiencing everything, as through a heavy cloth, for all is the veil of the material world and the casting of the senses into the pool of desires. to want to need this life above all, and to let go of that like tossing the lamp overboard in the moonless night, and letting the stars guide everything. what matter the having when there is no one to have. the boat will dock where it is taken and some get on and some jump off, but always the waters widen, the minds drifts to the directionless distances and the heart becomes the waters filling everywhere. only the source of life sustains and the lone experiencer continues in devotion to the sun.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

just as consciousness

just as consciousness is not located anywhere in physical space yet seems to float both inside and outside of the body, so too is the divine being not located anywhere in this world yet seems to be everywhere. once you become self conscious, that is to realize that you are experiencing consciousness from an individual point of view, there is a separation that is created between what you experience and what everyone else experiences. here in the center of your consciousness is the center of your universe and from it flows all the sense of self. in fact that sense of self is a creation of the mind that is used as a filter on your consciousness, to exclude the sense of being connected to all consciousness, for consciousness exists everywhere and in all things both animate and inanimate but the filter of self removes that from your experience. this is actually to allow you to develop your awareness as a functioning unit in the beginning stages of life, during childhood and puberty so that the human can function and survive. once complete though it is not time to stop developing but time to start letting go of these beliefs of separateness and isolation. what is known as empathy compassion psychic connection are the next stages of development and without them the human life becomes stunted at the level of a spoiled child, sure that its needs and thoughts take precedence over everyone else's and so goes through life unaware of what the true nature of this existence is. as one develops these additional senses and lets go the filter of ego on the consciousness the sense of separation dissolves and the being of truth and love evolves within. so it is true in every stage of the process, to find the pockets of stubborn resistance to evolution and to root them out so that the light of divine consciousness can fully flow through the receiver being opened within. as the receiver collects the force of pure love and truth so it becomes that, not just a collector of the force but in turn becomes the transmitter to all around it. consciousness is the same in all, but the filters are all unique and divergent as each mind develops differently in the process of self absorption. so its is not the individual nuances that must be dealt with as each requires an enormous amount of attention that only strengthens the sense of separation and isolation. rather the mechanism that creates illusion, filtering reality through a virtual reconstruction, must be eliminated. this is the mind, shut off the mind and the process is ended. then the pure flow of consciousness can be felt. stopping the mind requires rejecting the trains of thought, the emotional reactions, chemical reactions that the separate self requires. fears, judgements, explanations all barriers to direct experience of the flow of consciousness. through renunciation of self indulgence, silence and meditation one can reduce the function of the mind and its control over the flow of consciousness. but even more powerful is to surrender to the divine being with faith and lay down all claim to the objects and attachments in life. give up the struggle to the divine and let thy will not mine be your mantra. all love flows from an open consciousness, finding only joy to be alive.

where enlightenment ends

where enlightenment ends, devotion begins, as the self disappears into the divine then the divine disappears from the self, for only the divine remains and sees only that in everything. for what is enlightenment but the end of the self, the final traverse from the mind to the heart and the endless ocean of love that flows through every atom of this creation, pulsing through the being that is the source of all existence. devotion is the plunge into unknowable depths of faith and surrender that all is the supreme, unending beyond any sense that the individual can experience. it is the individual self that is enlightened through its own dissipation into the undefined infinite, the divine self only remains and is in love with its own creation and all the purity and love that it is made of. here only can true devotion begin, until this moment only faith exists as the self like a cork floating on the ocean trusts that the currents carry him gently, for there is no destination but the everlasting sea of being, and the depth of love that has created this dream of life separate and seeking to lose itself once more in its own beauty and wonder. I flow without destination, becoming the source of all things and the light of creation in one unending vibration unleashing all things and all the inevitable possibilities until each and every have been let go and the force dispersed through every distance and direction. all is one as each was once so separate and between all things nothing exists but the source in love with its manifesting vibration and experiencing that through the process of enlightenment of its creation, the loss of separate consciousness and the unending devotion of the supreme soul through love that is given to all that is manifested. we perch upon the branch that grows from the roots of our soul and see outward the proof of our existence, the wondrous beauty and harmony of all things, and even as the eyes close so does the heart open to feel the force of unending love that carries every soul through the passage of separation to the unification of the divine creation in every particle of existence. we are the dust of the universe and the universe is made of dust, filled with the force that enlivens and directs every particle, for the only self is the being of devotion, eternally merging and transforming everything in the fire of existence. to know you are alive is to know that life, this life this conscious recognition of living is joy. once the joy is free there is no end of love. once the sense of separation ends, devotion is the natural state, until then have faith.

Friday, December 6, 2013

though I have all I could want

though I have all I could want, I give more to more and more for everyone is in need, though their souls are full, the flesh is empty. need, suffering, desire, temptation, we are all subject to the side effect of existence, of living in flesh, the heart though pure in truth, is beating like a hot fist in the human chest, the blood filling every vein and muscle with life and with desire. from this comes suffering, for the flesh is always stimulated always keening for more, for without more, there would be none and then life would stop. so suffering goes on and on, the least of us and the greatest both with the same muscle, the same needs, the same embodiments of the spirit in flesh. I find where there is an opening, to give, without want or need and relieve in me that pressure, and let go some of the fleshy clinging. in meditation, consecration, service, devotion all love floats on the water, as oil burns away the liquid, swimming upon the waves of joy immersed in love, all life deepens and purpose finds the current, carrying one without effort. what is needed is given, what is asked for is received, this life a sanctuary, a reclusion from the totality of being into the monasticism of self, to lose the divine and rejoin the human if only for a short while, to know true peace where all are in need. all life succumbs to the universal, molded in its force and shaped by its powers that have no end or beginning, only presence. and in the lamp of infinitesimal light we see only the fraction that is allowed and from this there is enough to give everlasting truth to every heart. let the earth become the night and still the light would be shining from within, for there is no light or dark but only the love that brings the two together. we become the summation of the process of attraction and repulsion, the end of differences and the result of our own giving, for what we are is each end every become all and then none for in one there is no other and we find ourselves gone into our own heart.


earthsealove is born, a manifesting force of the divine within the physical portion of universal being. i exist where the earth and sea are creating love, becoming the lovers of this great home we are all a part of. in the midst of living all things come from this tremendous union, earth and sea. the great Darwinian process and gods laboratory for life, the sacred life world peace eternal love sanctuary. the entire universe is seeking this nexus of truthloveforce here. to be born into this magical land miracle of miracles we are part of the creation part of the experience all of the love that exists and is passed from earth to sea from mother to child from water to soil and growing as a garden of earthly spirits imbued with divine resource and pure intention, each a dream a light a figment of an idea, let loose into the tapestry of existence, to bring about the most radical change of the structure and purpose of all creation, to become not just sentient, not just conscious, but universally immersed in the creation of divine evolution. there is no small being only gigantic forces imagining all to be and joining in the creation of a universal play of love between the elements of all existence. each loving the other and holding in devotion to the truthlovesanctuary of that creation, we join and realize there is no other place but the earth and sea. the light and dark, the empty and the expansion beyond. into this light love expansion all things go and through the light we see and enjoy the creation. here there is choice and possibilities and miracles, here all can come together for there is no other but ourselves. we are one and the same, all interchangeable and unique. becoming the universal and the finite at once, in earthsealove the oceans cover the earth even as the earth supports the sea and through all of what we call home there is unending love.