Friday, August 31, 2012

unconsciousness, lack of awareness, tamas

unconsciousness, lack of awareness, tamas, all exist continuously in the unawakened being. there is no end to the loss of awareness and constant reaction to the world of desire and impulse. the system has 3 states of unconsciousness, first, you dont know you dont know, second, you think you know but you dont know, and third, you know you dont know. its is only from the third state of unconsciousness that spiritual development can progress. the humility of the mind, the ego stops pushing relentlessly out and into everything around it and realizes it is the limited aspect of the being, the unaware portion of consciousness. when this finally occurs, the ego stops dominating long enough to actually perceive its own false structures that it builds endlessly to support its unending rule over the world it perceives to be a threat and is constantly protecting itself from. there is no end to the fear and desire the ego can create and multiply upon the unconscious mind. once the awareness comes that all this is false and that the self is completely unaware of any true reality, only then can true seeking begin. as the seeker moves into the world of truth, the exploration of what is separate from the ego created illusions of what it perceives, then the true experiences that bring the opening to the divine can begin. all life is a rush to what the ego perceives as a threat, which is the fear of death. once the seeker knows death as truth, then all fear dissolves and the ego loses its ability to control the actions of the being.

energy, that which creates all

energy that which creates all, the force of creation manifesting, in the human system, it is the manifesting of higher consciousness, the kundalini the supramental, the forces that ascend and descend into matter, both conscious and unconscious. who and what you are are two different things. you think you are what, the things you have and do and react to. the who is very different, it has nothing, reacts to nothing, lives eternally without attachment to any physical form. as you lose the desire to be the what of your life you become the who and as that happens the energy shifts from stuck and minimal below the threshold of awareness to become bright and shiny and forceful. the who becomes the what of your existence and the energy shifts your ability to hold this new configuration of being. you no longer feel the pull to do or have , the desire to demonstrate or help or control disappears, the idea of doing something because everyone else does, becomes impossible. the energy that used to flow between these what-based personalities no longer is welcome in your system, now the who based energy from the divine being within, the true who you are, that becomes the meat and potatoes of your life. society becomes a closed door for you, the idea of being alone intensifies and opens up the world of pure being, of working with the flow and movement of the universe rather than the desires and needs of the what self that can no longer function inside you.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

the living truth

the living truth, that which moves with you, conforms to the experiences you have, creates a seeming reality around you, that is not you, all that illusion is not truth not the unchanging permanence of being, but rather a reflection of what the being is not. every outward movement is the desire for attraction, the lover and beloved, the want to have something other than the self to rely on to draw strength from to be dependent on or to make dependant on you. the world is a structure of desire, to be unknown to yourself, to create mystery and mastery, to mask the unending oneness in inexplicable diversity, to celebrate that which you are and are not, the lessening and increasing of the attraction. what is there to become that is not already you? the universe is tiny and diffuse the natural state is unconnected because there is only the one that needs no connection. its only through the dream of creation that any connection exists, for what is not has no connection to what is , yet there is never anything separate never disconnected, for the idea of connection is a veil upon the consciousness. there is nothing to connect to. you are that without any connection, it is infinitely there, without a thought or a feeling to create it, the knowing is not in the mind but in the space between all thought, that which has no center or connection or experience, that which is without any form,without any possibility of being separate, that is what cannot be taken away, created or destroyed, unmanifest, unknown, you have no sense of this because you do not exist.

Monday, August 20, 2012

ruler of none

the spoken truth, words not from books or others, who lives within, dies without. in times circumvented and removed,all is lost and not understood. what is remains to be seen to be experienced, to be alive. the self lost in the maze of secondary substances, extended fantasies, clouded through habit and unconscious actions, what remains but the workings of a misguided masquerade, a facade of untruth and deception. there is nothing that has foundation or reality but only misperception and idealistic frenzy. who are these who remain, these straw barrels of desire and fear and anger. inside the turmoil has no release and without the presence of truth, the shell is hollow and broken. the heart is wrapped and bound, the soul restrained in emptiness and life a revolution in repetition. all is cast a light upon the blackest surface reflecting none but its own darkness. imagine anything and it distorts the world but imagine nothing where you exist, that is what remains, the world is nothing the universe a blank space, what this perfect thing we are is the end of imagination, the end of beliefs, the end of pretending. all is the liquid of desire and fear, the essence of existence is death and repetition. the monuments you create are sand castles in the waves. as time continues you stop, and all is finished like the ashes from the funeral pyre. the end of desire, the defeat of purpose and meaning, the loss of innocence and idealism, opportunity and optimism. the self that holds these dear loses all form, the one left is no one, the final result is emptiness and abandon, where the wind blows and never is felt. who feels or experiences or knows, not the individual, not the small finite grain of existence, but rather the millstone crushing all into useless powder, there is nothing to be, nothing to exist, nothing remains. what fills such emptiness is unknown, for who is there to think or feel anything. left solitary one resides beyond this world, all worlds and is ruler of none.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

the derivation of principles

the derivation of principles, the divining of the action and meaning of each breath and the purpose to exist in this creation. there is nothing and there is everything, neither exist yet we are created to experience both. what is it that is here, the reflection that is seen and heard and felt, tasted and smelled. all experiences of the senses. each another pathway to divine surrender. for what is it we experience but our own nature becoming that which we touch. discovering the covering of the soul. and from this grasping onto the tail of existence we see elephants and dragons, mysteries and magical beings, life coming and going, stopping and starting, there is no sense of what anything means other than that which is. the sky is not lit up with the writing of sages and seers to proclaim the meaning of existence. and why is this, the lack of knowing, because there is no meaning? or because its plain to see for those whose eyes are not shut?  to exist in the most true sense is to become that which is, to be, completely without dilution or confusion. it is the simplest existence. following that all things you become are abstractions, veils, masks of the essence. as the divine all is one at once without the layers of time space thought or feeling. there is but one and that has no sense or reason, it has only become that before all else. from that the universes came and went, the purity of being became endless form and feature. yet nothing is everywhere  and never changes or is abstracted or derived, it has no attachment to anything yet permeates all.for what can be that is not exposed on that background of emptiness. no endless form but finite design the universal nature flowing from the unending nothingness, the force of undying existence is the plane of uncreated being. the seed is the existence the soil is unexistant potentiality. the creation comes as a whirlwind of matter particles of raw desire, overwhelming all and clinging to becoming that which has no name or knowing. to be in that instant of becoming, all surrenders to being and the void vanishes and only the light exists. here we are in the light, surrounded by that which we cannot see, not the darkness but the absence of being, there is nothing there but without it there is no end to formlessness.

the hills climb into ridges

the hills climb into ridges and mountain tops, the trees living and silent forever, wind like a distant train coming pursues me, i continue alone, in the unending sacristy of existence, my feet the prayers of the supplicant, my heart touching every needle and cone, chipmunk and rabbit, graceful buck and doe, all the family of the divine being, the essence of existence made real,the life divine among the perfected mountains where no man goes but to feel the force that flows unending. each flower grace, the lowliest weeds miracles of perfection and beauty, for what comes from love that cannot burst and transform all the world it touches, we live to be touched by everything and that everything feels the touching and is fulfilled in its manifested purpose, our hearts the engine of completion and perfection, the consciousness a divine pathway to the truth, the flesh the vehicle of divine love, feeling everything, joyous and loving, transforming the electrons of existence into the flower of the divine. clouds unbidden seek our empty skies and fill them with the manna of life giving water, drowning in the miracle dancing in the play of the drops upon the earth, feeding the billions of living beings, each the purpose and meaning of why i am here to be that once again to know who it is that lives in every heart and beating wing and falling footstep, the sound of the wind fills me with shivering freedom, unending painful perfection blows through my senses and releases the last bit of what is left to know, the final truth of being, one soul, one heart, one adventure of becoming that never ends. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

this tiny thing called life

this tiny thing called life, the self created and bound to the distinctions of the flesh. how can anyone survive in such restricted dimension. the truth is inexhaustible, once found it flourishes dancing like flame through the illusion of life.seeking brings pain and discomfort even as it quiets the mind the world becomes louder and more painful. the truth has no awareness of life, no connection to what is known as the world. rather it infuses the entire consciousness with existence and expansion, as if the entire universe were the motive and force of existence and not just this small ponit of view.what is goes beyond this world, this thought this persistent delusion. yes evolution is coming, yes it wont look like anything you want or asked for. the world is a pressure cooker, lives are the fuel, everything is changing to produce the next  mutation. air food water thought all are the tools of the divine, and each is being contorted and stretched to create compression, for its not the perfection that creates evolution but the sure experience of pain and suffering that brings a species to the very edge of survival and threatens the life of its children without mercy. that brings forth the new species, the one that can survive any cataclysm, not being attached to the physical, not a being of earth and fire but of light and unity with the cosmic consciousness of the universe and connected to the force of the unmanifest that brings all matter into and out of existence. who would ride that train, knowing none will survive, that all life will be destroyed by the very dark forces we fear, that this too must be embraced and loved and accepted as the tools of the divine and not the end but the the beginning of the transformation of life to universal truth, from flesh to spirit, from the victim of this tiny world to the creator of all experiences. that change is not the pretty walk in the park or love fest of the fairies, its the death of all that is and the rising of a new consciousness from the ashes .