Friday, May 10, 2013

I AM is somehow more

I AM is somehow more proof worthy than you are, according to the enlightened masters here and there that bother to write about or speak about such things. I know the use of I is questionable amongst the spiritually inclined but it exists as do you and everyone else, there is no magic bullet that makes everyone disappear, i know, ive tried many times to dissuade myself of that possibility. for the I that is and the other that makes the I  singular and not collective, exist for the same reason that everything exists, because I say so. it may be that every I i see is just another replica of the I that is in me. the essential self, that which once you remove the who and what and why and how, remains, a sense of consciousness in love, desirous of living, to experience the joy of experiencing, to be whatever just to be and know the beingness of the thing experienced. and every person is this self, the essential I that has no moral compass or ethics or programming, but is just breathing the air with excitement for what is happening, whatever it is, and seeks itself in everything, its conscious nature recognized by that which is experienced completing the loop of consciousness experiencing itself being experienced by consciousness. that fusion, that connection, is love,to be acknowledged by the innate essential quality that creates the uniqueness of each drop of water and each breath of air, that makes the hummingbird wing so perfect and the rabbits fur so soft, that each leaf is an expression of its desire to be, to be something that says I AM, experience me and I will experience you too, for experience is not passive though no action is taken or words exchanged, the being knows itself in everything and bends to touch itself everywhere, to feel and sense its multiplicity and beauty and acknowledge the perfection of the unending being in everything and its joy to be here without reservation. for you and I are the one we both know is ourselves, and everything is just that being expressing its love and joy to be present with itself through you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

life exists

life exists as the expression of the universal force of becoming, all form is becoming from formlessness to form to consciousness embodied in that form, yet nothing remains unchanging, all forms change to become to evolve, in the cosmic scope, evolution of the species is but a blink, the passage of universes from expanding creation to devolving destruction is the turning of a page. all time exists only in the frame of reference in which it is experienced. the consciousness of the human form is structured to experience everything separated each minute detail alone and distinct as not the self, the opposite of the reality,the other extreme of the universal spectrum. as our forms evolve not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and psychically, our ability to expand our grasp of the universal nature of our finite existence evolves also, from the sense of a universal force separate from ourselves to the experience of the universal force within us welcoming us to merge with it to experience the ultimate wonder of the infinite contained in the tiniest particle of existence and both in one motion collapsing into the experience of pure love and bliss as the truth of the realization overwhelms everything everywhere. that each particle is the infinite being evolving to be fully conscious of the totality of its being and purpose, that everything is conscious and sharing in the experience of the universal evolution. we are the components of the being just as our eyes are components of our bodies, seeing everything yet not the being itself. we are eyes becoming aware of the body and of its workings and the purpose of our existence is in the seeing to help the body function, to provide a clear vision of what is all around, to be a functional aspect of the divine body, and to merge with that being as one and know the experience of existence. that is what uplifts the human form, its ability to share the divine vision, the divine awareness the supreme consciousness that expands to include all existence and somehow exists in nothing. for it is the absence of consciousness that permeates the divine awakening, the emptiness that is in and surrounds all that is and gives everything its definition and purpose. we exist in the expression of not unmanifest, to go beyond the unknowable and proceed until it is possible to know in some fashion, that which spawned all being, all life, all creation and in the union with that no longer experience any differentiation of form or non form but rather the unformed that has no expression and from there what cannot be evolves.