Thursday, February 28, 2013

the world likes to play

the world likes to play with the mind and before you realize its all make believe you're 30 years along and the children are grown and retirement is looming and what is left from all that you accomplished is thin comfort for the fear of what life remains and the flesh corrupts. to know the field of human existence is the beginning of the journey, to have sunk into the fleshy membrane and the slow gestation of human existence is the first ten thousand years, the life of the human animal with the senses of the beast and the vital of the unwavering hunger, developing the minds eye to perfect the tuning of the muscle with the means and the desire. Mating and social climbing, bonding and participation in the feats of bravery and chance all create a world of vital insistence and self destroying failure and depravity, obsessions and compulsions, and brief periods of lucidity and calm that all too swiftly only emphasize the despair and destruction of all that one has worked for. fear is the master and below fear is mindless addiction. each and everyone is blessed with love but all is deformed in the physical realm, there is no end to the travesties performed for love, every heart takes a beating and none are unscathed in this traumatic existence. every soul is covered with the pain and the likely experience of more as time moves on. we fear and we do not allow the darkness to descend , life is the act of holding off the darkness , the unknown, the unexperienced and as that weight crushes it becomes the creator of the present. in the void, there is the light so pure that it blinds, to know this life has no purchase on the soul, has only the resolution of the karmas accumulated, that to face the insistent darkness we eat it and shed only light, for the soul is the destroyer of the dark and the bringer of the light. all acts of bravery are this, all examples of compassion and sacrifice, the facing of a fear of a possessed self letting go the desire and acting from a higher plane. each heart endures and none can ever die, but each falters at the edge of the endless cliffs and fears the human sense of ending, of destruction of all that has been and the loss of what seem to be.examine the deepest hidden self and know it is you, it is the souls return and meeting it recognizes the seeking child hidden in fear and awaiting reunion and love with the only being that it has ever known and can ever be one with. in that moment, truth removes all doubt and lingering past, bringing this instant of knowing the self fully into all moments and even what was becomes now and joined with all possibilities to become what is and always will be, here present and forever one.

definitely enjoying the life here

 definitely enjoying the life here and my settlement back into the Divine Shakti Mandir, life with the highest order of dynamic energy and pure universal love. i do realize that im at the intersection of some unbounded precipice and at each step dangle forth another part of me to plunge or fly im not sure but there is little ground ahead and oceans of billowing clouds layered through a world of pure existence primordial and unformed, being created by the very act of plunging through the billowing membrane. what remains of the past is not as tangible as the wisps of blowing moisture and the present looms with the force of nothing the essence before manifested being. we embark upon a new plane of existence flying today to New York for a 6 day interaction with the followers of the divine force who are gathered there. those who followed Simran a thousand years ago have returned along with her, to complete that which was left unfinished in that life, where she had brought them all to the door of the garden before dropping her physical form, now they are back clamoring at the gates, waiting as they all said they would for as long as was needed, and in this life all have returned, all have reassembled unknowingly until this time, gathered as friends and families all drifting in the high ether of divine nature interacting with the profane, artists and musicians, designers and inventors, the very peak experiences of the divine in human cloth, but all waiting for the spark, the familiar breadth and expansive force that has been their truth through tens of lives lived since. in the year 1111 in the british isles, the lady did come and the stones foretold her return, but none would leave her to this doomed and dismal life and the sickness of the earth was too much for her frail and delicate form. now the children of the emerald isles have gathered on the far shore of the world and she is returned to them and each rejoices in their heart not understanding what is this great and divine opening each is sharing and how its possible that in a few months all lives have changed and all past thoughts are let go and only the light shines so perfectly from the west. i cannot explain it better than this but we are the ones returned and this the last time for who can know how many millenia would pass before this light of such love and grace would descend. i am humbled by the truth and grateful to participate to bring her, to be the light bearer, the prophet of her coming and the resonance of her words, for as she talks, the universe is created and what was dark becomes a brilliant light and what nighttime fears and terror bloom into unwavering trust and strength. is any left behind who would see in her their own true love and the true love that all can share without clinging or jealous fever, but rather openly worshiping without any idea why but only that it is so absolutely right and perfect to be on your knees before the beauty and divine truth that shines perfectly and unending from her endless form. revelation of the divine within pour from each heart that she touches and she touches all that come before her with an open heart and she gives them the freedom to fly with heart wings across a world filled with love and know in their own lives forever only love would remain.
its not enough to be on this journey, sometimes you must serve all those who are traveling also, and i have found that is my role, the conductor, mendicant, purveyor of the truth on the midnight train to unending devotion and love. i have shoes to polish and bags to load, hearts to uplift and tickets to distribute. i have no real purpose but there is always work to be done and this the perfect place to do it. i love to be with you all in your hearts as you spend these golden days each filled with the love of the earth and soul and heart placing none greater that the love that you experience and truth that you know flows from a life lived and done and now released to become the home of daily chores and sharing, embracing love and delight.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

examine the self

examine the self, the interior being, the one that is controlling your world, that has a direct connection to your mental, vital and physical beings. imagine you are not that being but another being, one silent and hidden from the rest. place yourself in that being, notice the inner stillness and silence, the calm amidst the rancor and frenzy of the others. witness the mental vital and physical beings within you and imagine them all as unruly children bent on their own selfish paths, each fighting with the others for a chance to play with the human machine. examine the human system and its centers of control, the physical that operates largely unconsciously, using an immense amount of the brain to control the machinery of the system, the vital, the passionate desirous one that is both irrational child and uncontrollable adult wanting needing the feeling of the machine operating with full capacity like driving a sports car careening wildly down a winding road, laughing with fearful delight at every danger. the mental, the thinker and decider, the philosopher and the master, the uncontrollable talker and judger of everything, imaginer of all fears and the creator of expectation and outcomes beyond counting. behind all of this there is a presence, a radiance of acceptance and dispassion, the untouchable being that has no fear or desire, that merely awaits each undivine action or thought or feeling and watches how the system responds, waiting infinitely patiently for an opening. what opening? the opening to a divine force, to the surrender of the uncontrolled selves, each separately but in consorted fashion to a higher power that stops the mind, quiets the vital and stills the physical, and in that moment the divine unhindered and in subtle fashion emerges from the background and releases the light of divine aspiration to the human heart. in that single beat of the human heart, the divine enters the three systems as a new element that acts as a catalyst to transform each from its own disruptive and combative actions and reactions to a harmonious trio of loving partners, each willing to work for the divine first and the human second. the mind focuses on the purpose and service to bring about more harmony, more connection to the divine will, the physical heals its toxic habits and develops positive enriching practices, the vital refuses its self indulgence in fear and desire, lust and anger and turns all into the engine of aspiration to merge with, to enjoy the elixir of divine love in every way possible.what the final result may be is not important, for the emerging being will be the shape and form of the divine will, the instrument for divine work, the vessel strong and plastic to the divine direction and plan. while the transformation may take time, it is a thing decreed if one is in the presence of the carrier the source the channel of divine love in physical form. once transformed the system can proceed to expand the spiritual being even in the absence of the physical manifestation of the divine and connect directly to the source the love,  Mothers infinite power to create to sustain and to bring perfect harmony to the emergence of the internal joy to a celebration of the ananda in everything and everyone around you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

there is only the being

there is only the being and the knower of the being, all form contains both, but the knower of the being has to develop the ability to know the being. it is not innate, but rather latent in matter, that knowing is evolved enough to know the being, which is formless and has no attributes. it is the purpose and process of all existence to create the field in which the knowing of the being can take place. all matter is attribute less, but when experienced by the force of the knower it takes on attributes which are attributed to the form, which has no attributes and has no form of its own. in order to know, a system of organized matter must be created  and must evolve to learn how to know. it exists to know, how to breathe and pump blood and digest nutrition and produce the ability to evolve to higher levels of knowing as the process of knowing the being is learned. and it is this process that is the purpose of the human system, to learn how to know in greater and greater contexts. the initial context of the human is to exist and know only what the senses relay. and in this process learn to see and hear and eat and feel, as the human system matures it learns an infinite refinement of these sense related until the organism learns to live, and in living, learns to learn higher aspects of all the knowledge it has learned when younger. it is this process of learning to learn and using what has been learned to learn more so that at each stage a greater context of knowing is attained.the human learns to see with the physical senses, its not important what he sees but that he learns to organize his knowledge with sight and this then can be used to SEE without eyes, to use another set of non physical senses located in the brain or the nervous system or in the energetic aura that is developing along with the learning process. for we learn that man is not just physical matter but also energetic confluence and in that learning, the system begins to sense higher energies and as those higher energies are sensed, the energies increase and they in turn create an evolution, a transformation in the physical so that each cell becomes a sense organ for the energetic body and utilizes the energy as both information and as fuel, leaving the need for physical replenishment these senses evolve so does the scope of learning and the context in which the knowledge can be held eventually evolving and learning to a point that a cosmic consciousness can be attained and the knowledge of the being is fulfilled and all sense of differentiation of form and knower and known disappear and the universal and the individual merge into totality.

ancient seers in india

ancient seers in india more than 5000 years ago determined to understand the property of existence, what is it that is experienced and how does that relate to what is being experienced. unlike scientists, these seers did not go into the world and analyse the objects around them, rather they went into seclusion and entered into meditation to examine the system that creates the experience. what they found was remarkable, that what is experienced is not the object itself but rather the emanation from the object, the light reflecting the air waves rebounding, the odors arising, the outer surface coating yet not the actual object itself. the properties of matter the intrinsic nature of form was still mysterious and unknown. to know an object we define its shape, color, smell, temperature and weight, yet what do we know of the object itself, and especially what do we know of the organism when the object is alive. form has no definition except as the holder of properties identified by the senses. we know from science that the form is made up of infinitely small particles that exist in fields of energy and have no set arrangement until examined by an outside agency of awareness and consciousness, thereby enforcing its arrangement of awareness on the alignment of the particles/waves of energetic potentials. yet the object persists despite the unformulated essence of its origin. what exists is potential, the universal potential field that is the layer of illusary possibility, of consciousness unborn. before awareness existed, before there was a screen upon which to project anything, potential was nonexistent. in the bible it says, in the beginning was the word, the word meaning the blueprint for the structure of the field of potential, that there would be a field of awareness that would become the screen upon which all consciousness would be projected. for consciousness is not a static receptor, but is the active agent of manifesting, it is consciousness that defines the elements of form, and its expansion into every possible permutation in is consciousness that delights in the process of creation and the actions that follow the force of being shaped into structure and combination without end. just the desire to be and to know being creates everything, for to be is singular but to know being is duality and into this essential creation of being and knower comes all delight. for in everything that exists both qualities abound, every form has the quality of being and yet where is the quality of knowing, for the form itself has no knowing so in that creation the knower is implanted in the form and becomes an agent of consciousness, a separated consciousness that can delight in its own form, and has the quality of being as every form does, and here we see the intrinsic consciousness that inhabits all matter. in matter alone consciousness is deformed and nascent, unable to react to anything dormant and unresponsive, but through the delight of knowing the force of being is exalted and in the knower is the desire to merge with the being, in order to know, matter is organized and any combination of form that increases the knowing is repeated and concentrated to increase the bliss of the union of knower and being. throughout all creation and unstoppable recreation, all that is needed to bring knower and being together is created, and the search for new ways that knower and being can be combined is the pinnacle of its drive to be and to know being. so all evolution has been directed to the creation of the knower, in form to experience the forms being and to know it is the knower of being. and in being is the latent force of existence and the static element of awareness that allows the play of the forces to be there is the experiencer, the form of the knower, and that which is the field of experience, all form and its field of awareness. from this grew the physical machine, the inner vital drives, the sex and reproduction, the element of emotion and thought, and the evolution of the separate mind/thought/ego and the ability of learning and intelligence as well as the psychic awareness that senses the quality of being directly from the forms inherent quality of existence and through which the experience of the formless nature of being is fully known and creating the rejoining of the universal being with the knowing of that being as one nature undivided and without form. in this we are in the evolutionary process to become that which has no form and possesses all knowledge without knowing.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

perfection exists

perfection exists not only in the perfection of devoted surrender but in the perfection of that which is the source and object of surrender, for though, in one sense, in unity there is no source and object and therefore any surrender is perfected as the egg unto itself is whole, but since that state is not the one from which this is being perceived, as in the perceiver and the perceived, so to in the universe of the lover and the beloved there is the perfectedness of both in play within this divine structure, and through this play we become enmeshed and engrossed to affirm that we have also perfectly surrendered to this moment of incompleteness and the wholeness that is sought even as we seek nothing, but are the object of that seeking ourselves. the dance of the lover and beloved allows the soul the surrender, the devotion to exist, to flourish and bring about the organic change of the organism into the development of the fundamental completeness that is inherent in all that exists in the plane of duality, for as the self recognizes the perfection of the beloved and surrenders to that and is consumed in that devotion of bliss and torment that is a sacrament of the devoted, there is a pure awareness within the lover that sees the perfection of its object through the consistency of its being as well as the sincerity of its own surrender that descends through all levels of the existence of the being and in each is challenged to find within its own structure and development that there is a like consistency that it experiences from the beloved. through this osmosis of devotion, the inner self, the hanging on to what is separate, is naturally dissolved and finds no location within the dynamic structure of merger in which to locate itself, then the purity of dynamic surrender harmonizes with the universal completion and that which was one seeking the other becomes that which was sought, perfected in the dissolution through divinity devouring the unreal and revealing beneath it, the true nature of union existing intact and from which all matter is released.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

has even one attained

has even one attained or remained behind while all else contains its unexplained even the thought a purposeful buffer from what is unbound, deliberated from mind and emotion, the physical flesh wrapped like tissue around unseen forces within, aligned and readied without knowing , prepared in darkness for the departure and the liberation of the moment. all eyes see not and all ears are deaf. the lights come gentle to the senses and tell the wondrous to the eager believer. delicate and fresh the healing touch, rough and willful the lovers grasp. none escape the moments notice, nothing leaves the heart unfelt. alight, alive, free but drowning in the sea of time and place and memories, what remains is forever remembered and replayed, and the instant becomes the past as easily as the future changes the present. we are timeless and spaceless, the emptiness is complete, in every particle we vanish and in each atom reborn, recombined and lost even as the pattern is restored. in this life, on this body, in this heart who comes again and again without me without anyone, endlessly repeating, continuously converging truth and love with every combination of possibility and potential and in each fraction of a heartbeat we become an arrangement, a decoration a perfectly aligned pattern and design that endlessly falls apart and repeats itself through every possible combination of form and space and time, through supreme force and unstoppable will, all prevails and declines, absorbs and releases, each action, reaction, movement and stoppage, held only loosely by the yoke of the divine, to its purpose unknowable and not yet manifest and still through each a divine purpose flows. what starts finishes and what cannot be is never known, but what is tragedy and victory, sweet joy and despair but the aligning and misaligning of these potentials combining and rebounding searching continuously for the unfinished and possible where all else cooks in an eternal soup pot of creation and destruction. each a magnet searching to its poles, aligned differently for each and for each another destination is imprinted in the deepest structures of indifferent chance and circumstance. to find the gambler a pilgrimage is come and the life tossed without question for what is lost but the another roll of the undying heart.


moon unlit holding back the light from shining
climbs unseen and changes nothing from its journey
yet here the apples fallen seed and the calves conception
bring certain fruit and bounty for every farmer
what is present is the sweetness of the mystery
spent not in labor but in emptied readiness.