Sunday, August 18, 2013

the well of meditation

the well of meditation, emptying the context of consciousness, all content removed, all thought rescinded, alone in the emptiness, there is no place or position, the body gone, the light unseen, not an absence but undifferentiated, no movement of senses or experience, the cave of the inner world turns inside out and becomes everything. one singular unexpressed, untapped potential without expression, endless as well as unbegun, in this place  recognize the everlasting truth, the being unadorned, untouched, that which in life is the spirit sense of the untouchable self, the innermost radiance, that permeates everything but is not a part of the thing itself. there is only this and all else is the race to escape from it, to create the castles in the sky and the dreams of unending brilliance to become to create to add on and on. but what persists, what is unchanging and true in all of this, the container of the consciousness that has no content, no experience no virtual existence no sensation that creates desire, or desire that creates satisfaction that turns to dissatisfaction that becomes anger and wants more. nothing is the truth, everything is the deceiver, the world of the make believe that has ends and beginnings and cannot remain still but is forever in flux, changing, that robs all sense of truth from the experiencer and dissolves into the formless both before and after its expression. where did you come from, where are you going to, who are you. this breath of consciousness that bubbles up from the void and collapses again there leaving nothing, the instant of existence is burst and gone, just as it begins it ends and the experience so great soon is as if it never existed. the layers of the illusion are deep and the permutations of the dreamers unimaginable. yet it is irresistible and can never be stopped in its overwhelming power, it is all and everything will forever change  and ultimately be destroyed and used as fuel for the next movement for what can power this unending production but the force of belief and the attachment to the drama, all are prisoners of this seductive maya and their own creators of their illusion. only the truth dispels all suffering and madness. only the emptied being, returning to the universal unborn undying state can know freedom even as the world crashes all around. there is   a truth and it has no existence. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

each morning, I walk

each morning, I walk, along the mountain standing above the san andreas fault, looking to the west, to the sea where santa maria and the coastal communities lay. there is only consciousness that walks, only the divine, the manifesting satchitananda of being created and experiencing its own creation. alone atop the world diving into the layers and layers of experience, becoming the separated self and then rising to the surface where all life exists. to become one piece of the floating debris and yet sunk deep into the ocean of being not separated but divine in every particle every skin cell, every molecule of being human that is the divine wish, the pure expression of the force the universal force that wishes all existence to be. and to know its being, to be conscious in the moment of all that has brought being into matter and expressed it as this entity of its manifestation, this experiencer that becomes the experienced the lover that becomes loved, the father that is the child and the birth that becomes lost in the world of endless birth and the death that is lost in the unending destruction, for what exits but change and what comes but it goes and all life is perfection of the moment and the corruption of that into the past. holding onto the pavement with feet ancient and movement through all time and space into a realm of undivided attention the world streams like water filling every nook and cranny of the surface of the world, every crack and crevice and then rising like an eternal ocean burying all semblance of feature or difference and in the unstoppable sea all things melt and become the source of what is and know only that sameness that pure being of the universal self. and then the water flows into the center of the world and the fresh nature of differentiation returns, in every detail unique and splendid, natural and unnatural all things as they are radiate the divinity within and gratitude for that, for the purity of all that has no beginning or end that incorruptible truth that is the source and is the expression and is the experience of existence. and this life this moment is that for everyone.