Saturday, February 27, 2016


exist externally
without internal being
life works separately
without me


if you want to know who i am
but i suspect you don't
i have no place to wait for you
or for myself


what is left is unneeded
the rest is what you carry
there is no done and gone
just the load and the road
and everything that's left behind


silence records nothing
life without recourse
the cement complete
awaiting destruction
there is no time
no form or place
we do not exist externally
one second of belief
and we are done


music resists
silence prevails
repetition fills the void
creation entrains perception
life endures ending
repeating everything
pure isolation persists
feel nothing but emptiness


rideology reclamation and reinstatement
in some ideologies this is sacred
there is no other way
i become disenfranchised yet
momentarily possessed of my devotion
there is no mention of the past
the future repeats endlessly
you become me i am nothing but that
there is no end but endless beginnings
unstructured possible outcomes prevail
accept the defeat of surrender and succession
reborn endlessly purposely
defeated without reason
time penetrates completely
we last and enduring all
release and retreat from annihilation
approaching the possibility of survival
there is joy
replaced by pain

Sunday, February 14, 2016


we prepare to exist. what we become is inconsequential to the result. the life of the form is set not from within but without. there is no such being yet there is indecision. we contain the slavery to usage by the indigenous entities, yet imagine freedom as their passage. to feel them leave is the emptiness of their presence. I press the enormous juncture of time and every other extraction exists and results. without it, time, we exist as memories lost. you are, but cease constantly, resurrecting as an improvement without recognition. the final portion exists but its undetermined who succeeds. the struggle continues without success. time elastic, affirms all.