Thursday, September 5, 2013

there is no end to life

there is no end to life but there is an end to living. the truth of life the being in the center is forever alone and has no place to be, that is the endless truth and in living the experience changes as all things do and there is clinging to the other and holding to a thing because we feel the center is shifting and is not in the self but somewhere outside. the heart seeks love just as the body seeks nourishment and in the absence of that there is hunger. what am I but the one the individual and the everything and the absence of self that contains nothing.i seek nothing but I feel the disconnection from that which was my home and my friends and now there is only the absence where before the flow was present. yet nothing has changed but the illusion of who I am and the place I inhabit and the world that is but the accumulation of the beliefs I seek to let go. this is just another way to live, without and empty not adding on more and more to a world that is filled already. the love is only in me and nowhere else, its not for the lazy heart to just drink at the spigot of anothers creation, there is no other and there is no one near. I am lost and cannot be found, for where everything is is not where I am. how to be less and not more, not up or down not needy but fulfilled in a world of deathless circumstance and lifeless meanings, I take the walk but go nowhere, eat yet have no appetite, sleep without rest, the world swirls and falls into emptiness around me. yet nothing changes nothing is lost or found, the moment reveals itself and I am there without any effort or desire. can this be love, not wanting but having what is not needed.